• Facilities Monitoring
  • Data Center Design/Build
  • IP Video Security
  • Security Systems
  • Precision Power
  • Precision Cooling
  • Office Moves, Adds, Changes
  • On-site Support

SinglePoint Technologies can help you transform your current IT environment-using open systems & the latest in power, cooling, and networking technologies-to an efficient and dynamic datacenter environment. With proven facilities infrastructure expertise and knowledge of next generation IT systems, STC can help you strategize, design and build more resilient and secure data centers that can respond to changing business needs.

Data Center Design/Build (TECH-SITE)

  • Consolidate data center space to free up valuable real estate
  • Accommodate current and future high-density servers
  • Increase flexibility so that equipment can be changed to support new business
  • Improve data centers' energy efficiency
  • Replace and dispose aging, inefficient equipment with current, more efficient systems
  • Update your business continuity plan

Facilities Monitoring

Monitor equipment status and summary alarms from critical equipment, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure, flow levels, security surveillance.

IP Video Security

Protect your people and assets with turn key video surveillance.

Security Systems

Safeguard your business with 24 hour security monitoring, alert notification systems, electronic access control and advanced technology integration.

Precision Power

Monitor power to provide the protection your vital computer or communications equipment demands.

Precision Cooling

Precision cooling solutions provide precise, year-round cooling required by sensitive electronics while protecting them from the environmental hazards of dust, temperature and humidity.

Office Moves, Adds, Changes

Efficient moves, adds and changes to office network and telephone cabling provide for a smooth transition with no disruption to daily business activities.

On-site Support

Expert on-site assistance and support for all you computer technology and network communications needs.